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dentist Jakub Szczepański

dentist Jakub Szczepański

Dentist Jakub Szczepański in 2014 graduated from the Medical University of Lublin in the field of medicine and dentistry. He participated in numerous courses and trainings, among others in 2013 at the International Congress of the “15th Anniversary of the Polish Society of Dentistry Students” in Wroclaw, and the Conference of the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights “The role of a dentist in recognizing the symptoms of violence against children”. He participates in many trainings in the field of endodontics and conservative dentistry, I am also interested in the issue of inhalation sedation. He is passionate about the aesthetic reconstruction of teeth with composite materials and inhalation sedation treatments for the youngest and for those slightly older. Sam performs treatments using inhalation sedation. He is not afraid of surgical procedures and endodontics. Involved in working with the youngest patients, during visits he builds a friendly and friendly atmosphere. Privately, “dad” twins. I’m interested in sports, mainly football, computer games and culinary.