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Price list

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1 Hygiene and educational visit (tiling / fluoridation) 100/150zł
2 Medical examination /with treatment planning / with models 60/100/150zł
3 Medical advice / Medical examination / prescription with advice 60zł
4. Radiological examination RTG/RVG 35zł/35zł
5 CT scan 3D examination wide field of view / low field of view 300/260zł

CT scan 3D examination wide field of view – two arches (maxilla and mandible – 2 tests) 400zł

6 Radiological examination Pantomogram/Cefalometer/Complet 75/75/140zł
7 Computer anesthesia – THE WAND/ordinary 50/30zł
1 Painting one tooth 50zł
2 Painting one arc / Painting with silver nitrate one arc 100zł/60zł
3 Sealing one tooth
4 Sealing all sixes
5 Filling in a milk tooth 90-110zł
6 Healing dressing
7 Dressing at the pulp exposing
8 Development and filling on one surface (without undercoat) 100zł
9 Development and filling on one surface 150-200 zł
10 Development and filling on two surfaces
11 Reconstruction MOD / Mold (without warranty)
12 Filling with the use of aesthetic contribution 300-350zł
13 Filling with a metal crown-root insert/temporary
14 Filling with an integral insert
15 Correction of fill overhangs – Tip SYNEA 150zł
16 Use of ozone device PROZONE 60zł
1 Trepanation of a tooth with a dressing 100zł
2 Devitalization of the pulp of the tooth
3 Side filling / condensation (single channel) 250zł
4 Side filling / condensation (two channels)
5 Side filling / condensation (three channels)
6 Secondary root canal treatment (surcharge for each channel)
7 Mechanical development of the channel (surcharge for each channel)
8 Development and filling of an additional channel
9 Treatment of gangrene (for each visit to three) surcharge 100zł
10 Removal of a broken tool or insert 200-400zł


  1. Single jaw / whole (overlay method or office method) 600-1100zł
  2. A single tooth (concerns dead teeth) for visit (to three) 100zł
  3. ICON -reminalization with the preparation (1 tooth) 100zł

Removal of tartar (scaling + polishing)

  1. Whole mouth / in the case of two visits / Doctor 150/180zł
  2. Sandblasting / Stone removal (Hygienist) 100zł
  3. Sandblasting + scaling + fluorization (Doctor / Hygienist) 200zł
  4. Stone removal + sandblasting (Higinist) 160zł
  5. Instruction + polishing (Hygienist) 60zł


  1. Relaxing and repositioning rail 400zł
  2. Relaxation rail NTI  400zł
  3. Protector for athletes 450zł

Inhalation sedation

  1. First visit with mask/next visit
1 Supplementing bone defect without a membrane / with a membrane 2000/3000 zł
2 EMDOGAIN  1800 zł
3 Establishing CHLOSITE (gingival pockets) Periimplantis  400zł
4 IMPLANTS SGS/BEGO/OSSTEM/DENTSPLY One time / dual time  2000-3500zł
5 Computer treatment planning (SIMPLANT) 400zł
6 Rail SIMPLANT 2000zł
7 Crown for implant Procera  1500zł
8 Crown for implant ZŁOTO 1500zł
9 Crown for implant STOP-CR-CO 1000zł
10 Individual titanium connector
11 Aesthetic connection, zirconia surcharge (for point) / individual
12 Prosthesis bar (for point) 1100zł


Insertion of the healing screw 200zł

Re-inserting the implant 1000zł



Raising the bottom of the bay from the bottom / side access 2000/3000zł

Orthodontic microimplant 800zł

1 Diagnostics
Consultation visit without diagnostic impressions 100zł
Consultation visit with taking impressions for diagnostic models 150zł
Discussing cephalometric analysis and treatment planning 130zł
Models and control bite 100zł
2 Permanent braces
Establishment of a standard permanent braces (one arc) 1750zł
Setting up the braces with self-ligating brackets 2250zł
Setting up the braces with cosmetic brackets (porcelain or sapphire) 2600zł
Control visit 120zł
A visit with a change of the arc 200zł
A visit with a change of the arc – a cosmetic arc 200zł
Sticking metal latch 70zł
Sticking a porcelain latch 150zł
Cementation of the ring 70zł
Additional elements of permanent braces 80zł
Picture of permanent braces 220zł
Braces TRANSFORCE (Clark’s Transverce Expander, Saggital expander) 600zł
Rotator molars 450zł
Palatal expander NPE2 (nickel-titanium) 450zł
Braces TWIN-FORCE 800zł
Dystylizator Carierre 700zł
Essix rail 200zł
Lip bumper 400zł
TPA 200zł
GMD 700zł
3 Movable braces
Braces – TWIN-BLOCK type (two jaws) 950zł
Schwarz tile 550zł/600zł
Bowbeer tile 550zł
Sagittal braces 580zł
Repair of braces (after the warranty period) 100-150zł
Adaptation of an additional element to braces 100-130zł
4 Retention
Retention tile 400zł
Lower retainer – sticking 400 zł


1 Examination, consultation (includes 1 dental x-ray) 100zł
2 Root resection
3 Chemosis, premolarisation
4 Plastic surgery of lip frenulum, tongue 150 zł-300 zł
5 Flap treatment 1000-1500zł
6 Soft tissue plasty (for the portray) 250zł
7 Bones surgery (for prosthetics)
8 Controlled regeneration of tissues and / or bones with a membrane
9  Bone reconstruction after tooth extraction (for one alveolus) 1500zł
10 Removal of a pathological change 300zł + the cost of the test
11 Removal of a single-root tooth 100 zł
12 Removal of a multi-root tooth 150-250 zł
13 Difficult tooth extraction (surgical) / using periotomes 250-400zł
14 Surgical removal of the tooth with sewing 350-500zł
15 Sewing as an independent treatment 150 zł
  1. Trial impression and planning prosthetic treatment + model 150zł
  2. Wax-up, Mock-up for point 60zł


  1. full 800zł
  2. partial – over 6 teeth 700zł
  3. from 3 to 6 teeth 600zł
  4. microprosthesis to 2 teeth 450zł
  5. Add to prosthesis made of IVOCAP 100zł
  6. Skeletal prosthesis/splint 1600/1700zł
  7. Skeletal microprosthesis 1300zł
  8. Latch BREDENT/CEKA/RHEIN/- add price of skelet facing 600zł


  1. temporary crown (single point) office/lab 100/150zł
  2. cast metal metalowa
  3. cast faced with acrylic
  4. cast faced with composite
  5. cast faced with ceromer
  6. cast faced with porcelain/chromokobalt 800/900zł
  7. faced with fluoro-apatite glass
  8. gilding a strip in ceramics
  9. crown on gold cast
  10. All-ceramic crown in Empress system 1200zł
  11. Cyrkonium,Alumina/CADCAM 1200/1400zł


  1. long-term acrylic crown 300zł
  2. composite 550zł
  3. ceromer 700zł
  4. porcelain 1300zł
  5. glued bridge, splinting / indirect method – single point 550-900zł


  1. ceromer/composite 700zł
  2. porcelain 1200zł
  3. CADCAM system 1200zł
  4. Crown-root insert (on gold – price * 2,5)

– single

– composite


  1. Denture relining 150zł
  2. Removing the crown (bridge) – single point – 100zł
  3. single element 100zł
  4. Correction of prosthetic restorations (porcelain) with use of varolink II 150-250zł /pkt


  1. Use of ozon device -PROZONE 60zł
  2. Lasertherapy- 3 visits – 60-120 zł

The price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 par.1 of the Civil Code