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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment – consists in removing the sick and irreversibly changed pulp inside the tooth, disinfecting the chamber, root canals, then filling the space with a durable healing and stabilizing material. The goal of root canal treatment is to remove the sources of infection and prevent its re-emergence.

How long does root canal treatment last?

The duration and number of visits depends on the severity of inflammation and difficulties in the root canal restoration. In more demanding cases, such as broken fragments embedded inside the canal or an old very hard filling material – probably more visits will be needed, each of which can last about 1.5 hours. In the primary treatment of a previously untreated tooth, one meeting lasting from 45 minutes to one hour of time is sufficient.

Is it worth treating teeth with the canal?

Patients very often face a dilemma whether it is better to treat a tooth canal or simply remove it better. As a team of professionals, we answer many years of experience – definitely cure! Treatment is the ability to preserve a tooth and it is always a better decision.