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Dental implants

Dental implants – implantological treatment is the most effective method allowing full reconstruction of the teeth. The patient’s expectations as to the prosthetic and cosmetic effects are essential for the entire implantological treatment. Often, obtaining optimal treatment results requires additional procedures such as bone or soft tissue reconstruction – even orthodontic treatment. An interview with the patient will help dispel any doubts and answer questions about the course of treatment.

Our specialists:
dent. Radosław Maksymowicz
dent. Miłosz Ambicki


  • SAFETY – Proven implant systems, biological control of the SANEPID sterilization process, permanent computer control of autoclaves.
  • EXPERIENCE – Over 15 years from the first implantation, dozens of courses and training, hundreds of implants.
  • CONFIRMED SKILLS – FELLOWSHIP title in organizations – International Congress of Oral Implantologists: ICOI, DGOI – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie, POLISH PSI IMPLANTOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION for Lek.dent. Radoslaw Maksymowicz.

Odbudowa jednego zęba

Implantologia Rzeszów

Odbudowa jednego zęba bez potrzeby spiłowania zdrowych i dobrych zębów w sąsiedztwie 

Odbudowa kilku zębów

Implantologia Rzeszów Implanty zębów

Odbudowa kilku zębów – kilkakrotna, niezależna implantacja nie narusza pozostałych zębów

Odbudowa w przypadku bezzębia

Implantologia Rzeszów - Odbudowa zębów bezzębia

Wykonanie protezy nasadkowej (typu overdenture) zapewni Ci poczucie odzyskania swoich własnych zębów oraz całkowicie nowa jakość życia.

The Branemark System implants method has been documented through 45 years of meticulous and systematic research. Patients currently undergoing implantation can be sure that years of scientific success are successful, with 95% efficacy.