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Prophylaxis – in Demands in the first place we focus on taking care of teeth and gums. In order to care for them, it is necessary to properly care for them, preserve the hygiene rules, and regularly check dental procedures. All these activities will ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for many years.

  • proper care – caring for oral hygiene is an everyday ritual that will keep your white teeth healthy and protect against many diseases. There is no doubt that brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening is an absolute foundation. However, to comprehensively care for oral care, you should brush your teeth after each meal, regularly floss your teeth with teeth and use mouthwashes.
  • preventive visits – the DentAR dental office encourages patients of all ages to use consultations and preventive meetings, which are a perfect complement to the daily care of the oral cavity.

A preventive visit consists of two parts:

  • dental review – it is a meeting where the dentist will perform a comprehensive review of the oral cavity, checking the health of teeth and gums, a general medical interview will be conducted as well as an individual prophylaxis or treatment program tailored to the needs of a specific patient
  • hygienization – this is part of the prophylaxis program and takes various forms depending on the individual circumstances of the patient. The most frequently performed activities in this treatment are saling – removing tartar, sandblasting, polishing the tooth surface with a special polishing paste, and fluoridation that increases the protection of teeth against caries.