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Hygienists and dental assistants

Izabela Bułaś

A graduate of the Private Business School in Rzeszów, majoring in dental assistant and dental hygienist. In the office, she works as an active assistant, collaborating with doctors mainly in the field of orthodontics. Additionally, she independently performs preventive oral hygiene treatments and teeth whitening. Privately, Mikołaj’s mother.

Sylwia Kozicka

With a master’s degree in marketing, she found her passion in dentistry. After many years spent abroad, she completed an additional course in Dental Assistant at the Eureka post-secondary school. He continues to improve his qualifications by participating in training and courses. She is no stranger to assisting under a microscope and can most often be found working with our endodontists. She loves contact with people, so this work gives her a lot of satisfaction. With empathy and a smile, he cares for even the most stressed patients. Privately, she loves flowers, books and music, and in her free time she weaves macrame.

Gabriela Serafin

Certified dental hygienist, graduate of the TEB Education medical school in Rzeszów. She also graduated in Medical Engineering. He constantly improves his qualifications by participating in courses and training. In the office, you can most often meet her working with an orthodontist and a surgeon. He takes care of our patients’ beautiful smiles by performing hygiene treatments. In his work, he values ​​accuracy as well as patient comfort and satisfaction.

Paulina Pac

Certified dental hygienist with many years of experience in hygiene and working with a doctor. He constantly expands his knowledge by participating in courses and training on oral hygiene, dental prevention and periodontal problems. She performs her profession with commitment and passion, precision and high quality are her characteristic features. Full of kindness and optimism, she is able to establish a positive relationship with the patient and overcome the fear of the procedure. In her free time, she enjoys working in the garden, creating flower beds.

Gabriela Pękosz

Dental assistant.

Patrycja Wnęk

Student of the Private Bussines School. A future dental hygienist who is already gaining experience in our office. Most often, it can be found in the field of conservative dentistry, prosthetics and implantology. Always nice, helpful, smiling. At work, he values ​​accuracy, conscientiousness and a pleasant atmosphere. In the future, he wants to take care of patients’ beautiful and healthy smiles during hygiene treatments.

Joanna Strug

She graduated from the TEB Education post-secondary school in the field of dental hygienist. On a daily basis, he assists during conservative dentistry and orthodontic treatments. He constantly improves his qualifications by participating in numerous trainings and courses. Additionally, she shares her knowledge with future hygienists at post-secondary medical schools.

Anita Mendak

She graduated from the post-secondary medical school in the field of dental assistant and the post-secondary school TEB Education in the field of dental hygienist. She has been associated with the Dentar office since 2006. He actively assists in procedures in the field of conservative dentistry, prosthetics and orthodontics. as a hygienist, she deals with preventive treatments and education, constantly improving her qualifications. At work, he values ​​a well-coordinated team and the opportunity for personal development.

Barbara Tomaszewska

Dental hygienist